22 Things Cristina Yang Taught Me

1.  She taught us what a true friend is, what it means to be someone’s person.

cristina cirpse
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2.  That brains are worth more than beauty.

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3.  Be up front.

heres where we are
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4. Not everything is perfectly right or perfectly wrong.  There are grey areas in life.

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5. Food is priority.

6. Expressing emotions can be hard, but it’s necessary.  You can’t hide your feelings forever.


7. Don’t make your whole world and life revolve around him.  Follow your own dreams, passions, goals, and ambitions, too.

he is not the sun
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8.  Just because you win a hot dog eating contest doesn’t mean you really win… say hello to the toilet while throwing up.


9. Demand more and stop accepting crap from people.

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be great
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11. Everyone has their own story, their own hurts.

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12. No eyebrows is never a good look.

mama took my eyebrows
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13.  Sometimes friendship requires tough love.

move move move
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14. The pain of losing someone never really goes away, but day by day it gets better.  Slowly.

surviving sharing experiences
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15. ‘Nuff said.

men are stupid
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16. Sometimes you have to put your argument or fight on pause and be there for someone.

being there during a fight
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17.  Sometimes you just really need a bat and a ball.

softball cristina
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18. Actually overcoming your crap and working on it is very different from being aware of it.

overcoming crap

19.  It’s okay to be private about some things.

private person
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20. She taught us this face.

funny face

21. Sometimes you will allow someone to take pieces of you.  You might not even realize it’s happening until your eyebrows are missing and you’re asking yourself who the heck are you.  But, once you realize it take notice and don’t allow it to happen again.

pieces of me
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22. And, most importantly, ALWAYS dance it out.