Hello there.  My name is Ashliegh.  I’m a 24 year old redhead who loves giraffes, the outdoors, DIY projects, and baking.  Oh, and, of course, Harry Potter.  I am currently living in Denver, but I’m originally from a teeny tiny town in Oregon.  It’s the kind of place where everyone knows everyone.  Sometimes it was frustrating growing up, but now at times I feel like it has that “homey” feeling.  It’s a place that you can always go back to that never really changes.  Growing up there sports were the highlight of the town and my life.  It’s what people did on a Friday night—go to a high school game, meet, or match.  Sports will always be a passion of mine, but life has really taught me these last few years that there’s more to life than Friday night football games and breakaway lay ups.  Don’t get me wrong though; a breakaway lay up still creates a high that I don’t think anything could top.  Or, at least not yet in my life.  It’s crazy how life’s twists and turns get you to where you need to be and bring into your life the people that you need.  It’s crazy how it got me to here wanting to write about my life, share experiences, my disastrous and successful DIY projects, and my experimental baking projects.  But, here goes to taking chances and being grateful for the people in your life who support you and have your back.


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